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Sunday, 26 July 2015

What Are The Main Causes Of Skin Tags

 Causes Of Skin Tags About 44 percent of the people are facing skin tag problems in the world population . And , still doctors also couldn't find the medically reason why they occurring in our human body . But, as far from know some of the skin specialist doctors will they find out the reason on what are the causes Of skin tags . Today we would like to share what are the main causes of skin tags and how we should get rid off it . Skin tags are harmless and it's non contagious  from one human to other human . Generally their are several reason for causes of skin tags . Before we are going in to depth what causes skin tags let you know what are skin tags.

What are skin tags ?

Skin tags are medically or technically called as " Acrochordon " . They are harmless and they are in size in between 2mm-5mm . Skin tags are flesh coloured or brown growths that are hang off the skin As , I mention they are very common in older people. Some of the main causes of skin tags I mentioned below. Please do check you got an idea what are the main causes of skin tags.

What are the causes of skin tags ?

There are mainly 5-6 causes of skin tags . May be you have one of them or may not be . This causes are not up to the mark of 100% reason any way's according to some research on skin tags this are considerably be one of them . Do check below what are the main causes skin tags .


According to one of our research from other doctors , the main cause of skin tags is obesity or over weighted people . Why it has manly occurred in over weighted people or obesity persons ? Obesity people or normally over weight people , their skin are folded at some parts like underarms , around the neck . So , this can be taken in to view at that places of body due to excess of skin it may lead to skin tags . Especially underarms will be seen more . So , if you have in this condition try to reduce your weight by doing the proper exercise and follow all the rules and contact nearest doctor to take perception of decrease over weight . As , we consider this is one the main cause of skin tags . 


Not only in men , probably utmost 28% women are facing skin tags problems .Out of which pregnant women are more likely to be appear skin tags on under arms and eyelids , 14% out of the people who are facing skin tags are problems are pregnant women . The main reason behind why it cause to pregnant women are lack of hormones . Yes ! Due to lack of hormones this tend to be appear more on women . women with pregnant will take proper precautions from their respective family doctor in ordered to maintain hormones by taking proper food like fruits , mainly leaf vegetables . Try to avoid junk food . As far we know this is one of the main cause of skin tags .

Causes Of Skin Tags


Older people are more likely to be appear around the neck and underarms . The main reason is older people skin are becoming folding at some points due to lack of fat loss in there body skin tend to be fold at random parts . The place where excess of skin present is only at under arms or around the neck . If you take proper precautions you can easily be removed by yourself or contacting nearest doctor . 

Causes Of Skin Tags


As , we know diabetes referred to as person's blood sugar level to become too high . People with diabetes will more likely cause skin tags , diabetes people are facing problems like feeling very thirsty , urinating more frequently , weight loss or loss of muscle bulk and some of the main reasons Diabetes people are having lack of hormones in their body and if any thing wound or cuts will happen to them it is very hard and slowly to completely recovery . Due , to this symptoms skin tags will appear in those body's but not harmless . If this people will take proper precautions this skin tags will easily get rid off form their body . This are to be one of the main cause of skin tags . 

Causes Of Skin Tags


Some people are facing allergy problems , due to lack of some vitamins this will cause and it mainly seen in all of the people from middle aged to older aged people . People with allergy ,will more likely to show interest to rub their skin and it may be the reason for causing of skin tags . Actually ,allergy people are more likely to be use their nails to rub it , but the nails are septic and it may or may not be the reason to cause skin tags . As per , heading Skin rubbing up against skin will cause skin tags like the places of under arms or neck . Underarms or neck places are more fat and people with obesity or over weight are tends to be reason this . 


If you don't have any problem like you are not over weighted or you don't have any diabetes problems still you got skin tags ? Means - we don't have any reason form this may be due to lack of internal hormones problem . Most of the people with good health conditions are also getting skin tags .So , if we know what are the main causes for the people who are healthy are getting skin tags we will surely share with you in future , No apparent reason is also a reason of causes skin tags .

Causes Of Skin Tags


Change of climate will also one of the cause of skin tags . Mainly we are not 100% accurate that your skin tags are caused because of changing in climate . We just know that our body organisation are also depends on climate conditions.So , may or may not be this is one of the causes of skin tags.


Most of the doctors are suspect a genetic component . If this type of condition will mostly run in families from your old generation . So , as part from families also could be the cause of skin tags.

 Main Causes Of Skin Tags

So , this are main cause of skin tags . If we know more about this we would like update this content . Please do share .

Where to skin tags occur mostly ?

Skin tags are mostly occur on the places where like ?

  • Eyelids
  • Neck
  • underarms
  • upper chest
  • Buttock Folds
  • Groin folds 
  • And , the place where skin is folded .