So Many To Choose From. How Can I Choose…..? Help…..?


So Many To Choose From. How Can I Choose…..? Help…..?

You are not alone; it took me years of joining starting up affiliate programs giving the whole thing six months of my full time attention only to find that I had 23 affiliates and no money. I began to realize that I was not approaching it from a business point of view, I was trying to start a business FREE, Let me tell you here and now there is no such thing as a free lunch. First rule of thumb in starting an online business is it will never be FREE. The good new is it will not cost a lot, it does not have to be paid for upfront and it can be a gradual process in line with your budget.

When I really got serious and stopped mucking about I made a list of how and what I wanted

No1 Money: No point in pretending we are going to sit at a computer for a few hours a day and not want the final glorious moment that the cheque’s come threw the mail or bank or what ever.!

No2: Just as important as No1 was doing something I enjoyed; I could see a future with and had a’ gut feeling’ that it would work.

No3: Doing something that gave me a life style to die for. i.e. Freedom Freedom Freedom. No more bosses, even better than that no more 9 to 5. I could work my own hours, stay up late not get up in the morning stop for coffee when ever, etc etc. Wow had I hit the jackpot. Figuratively speaking of course I still had to find this little gem.

Well to cut along storey short I found it, not sure how! I was doing my usually Tarot card routine Angel cards, Visualization, Meditation and Voila up it came. I have to confess I am not sure that’s why I found it but find it I did. The name of my savior from afar was Stone.OK I had been rubbing my crystal stone maybe that meant something what ever I plugged in to Stone Evans website and from day one I knew I had what I had been looking for, for so long. The top six affiliate sites plus a webpage of your own all on the same program. All the help in the world and this is the punch line the help comes in user friendly language. For the first timer, here is a top Marketing Man who can still remember a time when Copy and Paste was a strange language. This is not a fairy tale it worked. I took it slowly but I had my first cheque by the end of the first 3 weeks and I was started on a journey of discovery which will have no end, but is total fun, stimulating and above all profitable. At Last my faith in the internet is restored.


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