Getting into the skin care business –


Getting into the skin care business –

Wholesale skin care products

If you love to take care of yourself, and want to indulge in the skin care business, here is a list of wholesale skin care products manufacturers who have made quite a reputation in this business.

Skin Energizer has a range of wholesale skin care products for facial skin care, cosmetics, bath and body, acne treatments, stretch marks, body firming, and spider veins. Skin Energizer’s wholesale skin care products for facial skin care is combined with natural ingredients like emu oil, hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen III, matrixyl 2 and more. Their acne treatments use a tea tree and microderm abrasion solutions to open pores and eradicate bacteria. Skin Energizer can be reached on the toll free number 1 888 909 1658. They deliver products within 3-7 business days within the U.S. from Atlanta, Georgia. For more information on their products, visit

Makeup USA is another manufacturer of wholesale skin care products specialized in Action C anti-aging, aging skin, bath, body, cleansing, combination skin, creams, dry skin, heal and conceal, lotions, moisturizers, normal skin, oily skin, spa treatment, sun care and other treatments. They offer wholesale skin care products for men and women straight from New York and Switzerland as BREN Cosmetics and Colosé Cosmetics. BREN Cosmetics is exclusively manufactured in New York and delivers more than 250 skin care and cosmetics products.

Colosé Cosmetics, on the other hand, is made from Switzerland with 110 years of expertise in the field of skin care. The formulations of their 200 beauty products include natural and proven-biological reacting ingredients. Colosé Cosmetics is the official beauty products of the Miss Finland Beauty Pageant. For customer service and further information, you can contact them on 1 888 426 5673 or go to their website

Other alternatives for wholesale skin care products are from YAFFA. YAFFA has designed merchandising materials to help you achieve a successful business in skin care. They offer brochures and catalogues containing great information about their products and treatments to promote sales. Contact them on the phone number 905 669 7518 or through their email: [email protected]

Also, if you intend to sell products intended for mother and baby, Sculptress likewise have wholesale skin care products. Sculptress’ skin care products contain essential oils with none of the synthetic fragrance. In addition, their products are FDA and OTC approved. This guarantees safety in usage, promote health, and soothing properties. To find out more about Sculptress wholesale skin care products, call 1 800 484 7323 (outside the US 631 423 3431) or you can email them at [email protected]


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