Propensity to Self Subversion A Secret to Everlasting Youth


Propensity to Self Subversion A Secret to Everlasting Youth

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Beauty products guaranteed to make you look as young as you were when you were only twenty are populating the market nowadays in various forms such as creams, lotions, oils, astringents, toners, etcetera, and etcetera. Plastic surgeons have also become in demand ever since plastic surgery has become accepted in the modern world at large. Television advertisements have become abound for various ways to make you look younger than your real age. And admit it, the older you become, the more you develop a predilection for these self-proclaimed ‘miracle’ products.

However, what is youth, really? Does it depend on your appearance? Does the emergence of wrinkles and age spots really measure your age? Does acquiring gout and rheumatism make you less of who you were when you were fifteen? Is youth really equivalent to your vitality as a teenager? Is menopause really the signifying end of your youth? Or is youth something much more than just that?

Well, it should be. Youth should be something more than just façade. It should not be measured by one’s state of skin or hair or wellness of the joints. Youth should be one’s state of mind and mentality. Youth, just like beauty, should not be merely skin-deep. The secret of eternal youth is not a mythical spring or fountain or any other stuff from children’s literature. One of the real secrets of everlasting youth is self-subversion. To be young, one must constantly renew and refresh himself/herself. The moment you let yourself and your mind stagnate is the moment you decide to become old and let go of your precious youth. The world evolves and people must evolve along with it, otherwise they will be left behind by its blinding spin.

Youth is a state of mind. And one’s beliefs must be regularly reexamined. To be able to remain young and sharp, you should always challenge your value and ideals. Not doing so might be detrimental since long periods of lack of self-examination might mean stagnation and afterwards, despair. In one’s latter years, to be able to achieve generatively acceptable to the younger generation at one time and ego integrity much later still, one should always reexamine himself/herself. Not challenging yourself about your stands during long periods of time may mean your state of mind may be already outdated and not suited to that current generation. Constantly affirming in what you consider true, constantly thinking and rethinking your set of values, constantly examining yourself without holding back – these are the ways to avoid stagnation. Avoiding stagnation is commensurate with being young.

For the older generation to remain young, one must first accept being old. Only this way will a person allow himself/herself, introspection. Examine your person inside out. Do not be afraid to admit your faults and embrace them for those are the only way to come to terms with yourself. When you have readjusted your state of mind to fit the present age, when the younger people of the generation claim they can understand where you are coming from, the you would know you have achieved proverbial eternal youth.

Start self-examination today and do not be afraid of change. If you wish to be young forever, you must start from the inside and everything will into place. It is not bad to take care of your appearance and it is not out of the ordinary for women to become depressed when they reach the menopausal stage. However, remember that your façade will fade faster than your mentality. Do not be afraid of celebrating your birthdays – embrace your age for it is just a number. What really matters is what is inside your brain and person.


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