Skin Care Tips


Skin Care Tips

One of the best physical assets a person can have is his or her skin. When the skin is gorgeously healthy and well taken care of, it becomes a plus factor to a person’s qualities that boosts an individual’s self-esteem and self-confidence, thus adding to a more positive and happy outlook. Not only does the skin play an important role in one’s health, safeguarding the body from environmentally damaging factors, but it also improves ones mind-set with the things around them. After all, feeling beautiful and healthy creates a positive aura, rather than feeling unattractive and unhealthy that brings about a lot of negative sentiments towards the rest of the world.

Properly caring for the skin makes it possible for one to have a beautiful and healthy skin; here are ten simple skin care tips:

Skin care tips # 1 Protect the skin from the sun through using sunscreen, and avoid being under direct sunlight during the hours 10am to 2pm.

Skin Care tips #2 Don’t smoke! The skin needs a lot of circulation and smoking severely impairs that need.

Skin Care tips #3 Always get enough nourishment and rest.

Skin Care tip #4 Guard the body from both environmental and emotional stress.

Skin Care tip #5 Make washing of the face twice a day a habit, especially in the morning when a lot of dead skin cells, dust, and dirt collect. Use proper treatment products for the skin.

Skin care tip #6 Never ignore other parts of the skin such as the neck, elbows, heels, and décolletage that need to be moisturized, as well as the scalp. The top of the feet require sun protection.

Skin Care tips #7 Avoid touching the face too much and wash the hands more. Traumatizing the skin through poking, picking, squeezing, and scratching have a greater risk for scarring, avoid the temptation.

Skin Care tips #8 Maintain clean make up.

Skin Care tips #9 Practice moderation in all skin care products use; remember too much of everything becomes unhealthy.

Skin Care tips #10 Keep the regimen simple and be careful of counter girls who would want to spend hours putting layers of make up on your face.

Skin care is always about taking the time to do it and the willingness to do it. Never underestimate the power of simple skin care such as washing the face at regular times a day. The skin is a simple yet important part of the body, take careful mind of it.


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