The beauty of the heart is good for everyone. The skin condition can add a lot to the temperament of the whole person. Skin care has become a science in modern times. People are troubled by skin problems and no longer blindly go to the store to buy various cosmetics to try. Prescribes by dermatologists to provide targeted skin care advice. With the increasing pursuit of health and the rapid development of dermatology, medical skin care products with higher safety and effectiveness have become an irresistible trend.

Through thorough cleaning, the skin of the face can be unloaded and the nutrients can be in contact with the epidermal cells at a distance. Cleansing also softens the skin, so the stratum corneum absorbs more water, and the penetration and absorption capacity is enhanced, but the wrong cleansing method is difficult to achieve.
Wrong example: When cleaning the skin, it is so sloppy, after smearing it, the foam is washed away with water, the stratum corneum is not softened, and the nutrients in the skin care products are too late to penetrate and absorb. Others do not even clean the surface of the skin with grease and dirt. The retained grease and dirt not only damage the skin, but also form a closed barrier that affects the penetration and absorption of nutrients in subsequent skin care products.

The right way: Be patient when cleaning your skin, try to take care of every inch of skin. You can use a cleansing product containing descaling ingredients to wash away the sebum and dirt on the surface of the skin, and then apply it to the face with a facial cleanser containing nutrients. The skin absorbs nutrients and promotes blood circulation under the skin. In order to accelerate the metabolism of the skin, it is more advantageous for the nutrients to penetrate into the skin and soften the skin.
Skin type example: oily skin
1. Remove makeup; 2. Cleansing cleansing; 3. Deep cleansing gel; 4. Oil control

Both males and females have distinct differences in both anatomical and physiological functions, and therefore their methods of protecting the skin are different.
Men’s skin is thicker and women’s skin is more delicate. The thick skin is firm and the delicate skin is delicate, so the female skin is more susceptible to damage than the male skin. Men’s skin has more oil secretion, and women’s skin has less oil. Oily skin tends to cause dirt, especially fat-soluble organic matter and many kinds of microorganisms to accumulate, which induce inflammation and infection. Male hair, large pores, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. can drive straight into the infection, causing infection. Female hair is small, pores are small, and the chance of infection is correspondingly less. The melanin content of male skin, especially the exposed parts such as the face is generally higher than that of females, so the incidence of sun dermatitis and sun rash in men is lower than that of women. Because melanin has a photoprotective function, and women have less melanin than men, women’s skin needs more light protection than male skin.

If there is an adverse reaction in the skin care process, be sure to go to the hospital in time.